Winner of Holistic Adviser of the Year Award


The team at Stewart Partners is proud to report that, last week, our Senior Adviser, Brendon Vade, won the 2019 IFA (Independent Financial Advisers) Award for Holistic Adviser of the Year.

The Award specifically recognises an individual who can offer clients a multitude of advice services and professional disciplines.

Most of our clients first approach Stewart Partners for help when they experience or are planning for a specific major life transition, however our goal is to provide a wide range of services and assistance to ensure we can help our clients through any issues or money worries they encounter.  We also focus across generations to help families develop long-term plans for financial and emotional wellbeing.

Since starting with Stewart Partners in January 2016, Brendon has made a major contribution to the business and become an owner of the firm, ensuring he’ll be around for many years to come.

Brendon said “I’d like to thank Joseph Portelli and Rick Walker for everything they’ve taught me since working alongside them”[1], which was a nice thing to say.


[1] This quote may or may not have occurred, but Joseph and Rick are quite certain they heard it.

Author: Rick Walker

Rick Walker