Intelligent investing.

We help our clients think differently about investing.

Many investors believe that focusing on picking the next boom stock and buying before markets go up or selling before they go down is the key to success. However, from our own experience and through scores of academic research papers we know that these emotional and undisciplined behaviours have poor outcomes long-term. It results in most investors not getting the returns they are entitled to from markets. 

That’s why we’ve built a firm with a verifiable and defensible investment solution to address that problem.  We focus not only on investment returns, but also how you feel every day about your investments.  We know our clients are less anxious and worried about their investments than before they worked with us because of our approach.

Below is a quick summary of our better investment experience. 

Traditional investing has failed. Find a better way.
— Stewart Partners

Low cost

Costs matter, especially over the long term.

Investment managers we use typically cost between 0.20% and 0.50% pa to implement their strategies and are not available to the general public.

Evidence based

We don’t try to predict the daily, weekly or monthly movement of financial markets – and all the research over the past five decades confirms no one else can do this either with any consistency, no matter how big they are or how many analysts they employ.

Rather than try to forecast the future to have a successful investment experience, we focus on capturing the returns available in markets in a systematic way.  We practically put financial science to work when building your unique investment strategy.

Goals focused

We help our clients turn down the never ending clatter of opinions, speculation and so-called "news" from the financial media and industry. We help our clients navigate uncertainty by focusing on what's important and provide clarity to their objectives, and then build appropriate investment strategies. It means our clients understand what is an appropriate amount of risk for them to take to achieve their goals.

If you’d like to understand more about our approach, you can download our Investment Philosophy & Process below. We also offer all new clients a presentation on our approach that goes into as little or as much detail as you wish – whatever you require to sleep at night.

For those who want to see their capital aligned with their personal values, we also offer investment options that favour companies pursuing sustainable approaches to doing business. To learn more about our approach, please click below.