Intelligent investing is just the beginning. 

Our services fall into three broad categories outlined below. The chances are, you will need aspects of each over time and won't fit neatly in any of them - which doesn't concern us. We're far more interested in how we can help you and your family achieve whatever is most important to you.

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Wealth Management


Family Office

Everything we do is based on evidence, not opinions or speculation

The foundation of our approach is based on decades of academic research on the optimal way to build investment portfolios, which has a compelling track record of success.

Most clients initially come to us to address the question - will my financial resources enable me to live the life I want to live?

To do this we build an investment strategy for you once we understand how to tailor the following three pillars of portfolio construction specifically for you:

  1. Risk required – what returns do you require to achieve your financial goals?

  2. Risk tolerance – your willingness to accept investment risk whilst still being able to sleep at night; and

  3. Risk capacity – your portfolio’s ability to withstand short term market volatility without impacting on your lifestyle or the longevity of your money.

Advice for the real world

We know that investment decisions rarely take place in a vacuum. Like most of our clients with complex financial affairs, you need to consider all manner of other issues including tax, legacy issues and legal consequences. That requires a real commitment to collaboration which is unfortunately all too rare.

We see true wealth management as so much more than just portfolio management. We see it as the combination of;

  1. Investment Consulting – determining your risk required, risk tolerance and risk capacity.

  2. Strategic Planning – Wealth enhancement, wealth protection, wealth transfer and generosity.

  3. Relationship Management – thorough integration with your other professionals such as accountants, lawyers, private bankers and real estate professionals etc.

We also have our own network to ensure we can find an expert to help you resolve any issue with financial implications you encounter.


Looking across generations

Plans for preserving family wealth should take a very long-term view - potentially up to 100 years for some families.  The family must invest in human and intellectual capital, not just financial capital.  This requires a focus on physical and emotional well-being and education and life experience.  There also needs to be representative governance founded on a set of shared values. 

Stewart Partners offers a Family Office service to families who require much greater assistance to manage and administer their complex financial affairs.

Services we provide, but are not limited to include:

  1. Next generation capacity building

  2. Strategy, decision making, maintaining fair processes

  3. Comprehensive management, reporting and administration