In the end, a firm boils down to the people.

Many firms like to talk about how they see themselves. We focus less on where we are now,
and more on what we're striving for.

We challenge ourselves in three key areas and describe them as...


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professional intimacy

Our clients share many similarities, but we don’t put people in boxes. Where others just see assets and portfolios, we see the one-of-a-kind stories, challenges and successes in their lives. And when we become part of their story, it’s incumbent on us to act out our role brilliantly and keep our eye on the bigger picture of what’s most important to them. Marked by trust, respect and affection, we describe this approach as professional intimacy. It’s not a sentimental statement. It’s a deliberate design of our business. It factors the time required to build genuine relationships – time to gain an appreciation of our clients’ past, a clear view of their present, and help them walk confidently into the future.

intellectual honesty 

While most of the wealth management industry focuses on appealing to lucrative gains or fear of painful loss, we’ve forged a better way – we call it intellectual honesty. It’s an approach that’s rooted in research, grown in evidence, and established in independent thought. With no one else’s interests in mind but our clients’, we are free to seek out the very best approach to every challenge. We are committed to remaining curious and challenge accepted thinking – all in pursuit of the widest path of financial certainty. If it’s what we’d do for our own families, naturally it’s what we do for our clients.

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bring excellence

We are never satisfied that what works best today will be best tomorrow.  The trust our clients place in us leaves no choice but to bring excellence to all aspects of our work. It’s an honour that brings great responsibility, but this isn’t a solo performance. We all take collective responsibility for long-term success for our clients and our firm.  We tell our people what to do, but not always how to do it, to let them surprise us with the results.  We always look to be better than before and think and work collaboratively towards our common purpose.  When you consider a forty-year old only has about 45,000 working hours left in their working career – life’s too short not to give our best.