Clients we work with

We understand that you may want to know we're capable and experienced in dealing with someone like you. Equally we don't like to put people in boxes, especially when it comes to how you think about money, the types of challenges you face and what your goals are

The reality is that our clients come from all walks of life, but they share a number of similar qualities such as:

  • They fiercely reject the idea that the money they have should define them or their families.

  • They see the value of having an experienced and objective sounding board for their financial decisions.

  • They don't necessarily have the time or inclination to focus on the day-to-day details of managing or creating wealth.

  • They appreciate having advisers who have a deep understanding of what matters to them and their families and will always act in their best interests.


Below are some of the common groups that could describe the people with whom we work.  We think less about job titles and the size of assets and more about how they see the purpose of wealth. This usually boils down to family, choice, and independence.

Corporate & Private practice 

Our clients in this category are often time poor and focused on translating their professional success into financial success. They tend to be:  

  • Legal Professionals

  • Business executives

  • Medical specialists

  • Not-for-profit (NFP) leaders

  • Management consultants

  • Architects and other professionals


Financially-independent women

We work with many women who have previously not had the desire or necessity to be involved in financial affairs, but this has changed through circumstance, such as loss or separation from a spouse. Others are already financially confident through their own success and experience, but see the value of a collaborative approach with an experienced adviser.


Helping families develop their own philanthropic plan is a great privilege and an area in which we have been active from the beginning. We have been involved in the establishment and ongoing management of over 20 family foundations (known as Private Ancillary Funds or PAF's). 


self funded investors

Many of our clients are now at a stage where work is optional and rely on their investments to meet their lifestyle needs. This can happen slowly over a successful career or sometimes rapidly such as in the events below;  

  • Inheritance

  • Sale of a business

  • Separation

  • Property transactions

Understanding what's important to you

For many people, their experience with the financial services industry is based upon transactions. Regrettably, genuine relationships which last for any meaningful period of time are rare.

At Stewart Partners, dealing with two or three generations within client family groups is commonplace. Relationships like these are rare, because firms where exceptionally capable advisers come together in a culture which deeply cares for its client's well-being are equally rare. First we work to know you and the life you want to enjoy - then we put together a devoted and passionate team to work with you to help achieve it. For some this means looking after a portfolio, for others it's coordinating their whole financial world. We have the resources and expertise to fulfil whatever role we are asked to take on, but the extent of our involvement is driven by you. We find that many new clients have a plan in place, but that it fails to address their fundamental needs. That's where we perform an important role.



Our Client Community.


NEXT GENeration.

Our clients come from many walks of life. They have told us they believe they are in the very best financial hands because:

  • They trust our evidence-based investment discipline to protect & grow their wealth

  • They have confidence that their plan is aligned with what is most important to them

  • They value our proactive service, to prepare them for every major life transition

If you would like more information about becoming part of our client community, please submit the form below.

As our client relationships span generations, we have developed the capacity to address the needs of our clients' children and grandchildren. In 2018 we will be launching a specific service to address those earlier in their financial journey. Please submit the form below if you are interested in this service.